Marketing Digital

It is not enough to be on the Internet, you have to know how to be.

A Business Challenge

Today, most companies limit themselves to having a merely symbolic internet presence, and they also lack relevant information about the return on investment on the online actions they carry out. Well, our challenge is to help you convert the internet into a sales channel, coordinated with the other traditional channels.


There are three ways to grow your business: increase the number of customers, increase the number of transactions and / or increase the amount of sales based on current customers.

Therefore we will put the focus on the figure of the client. For this our actions will be aimed at helping you:

  • Attract visitors to your website
  • Convert those visitors into potential customers (by identifying the anonymous visitor)
  • Track to close sales
  • Loyalty and love customers to improve cross-selling and incremental

We will also provide you with the necessary tools to be able to measure the effectiveness of each of the actions carried out, detect deviations and implement corrective measures.

What are the benefits of implementing the MK service?

360o view of your clients

  • Traceability of your sales processes
  • Possibility of sharing information between the organization
  • Take advantage of information from social networks to generate useful information
  • Launch of marketing campaigns
  • Obtaining the ROI of the marketing actions


Business Intelligence Services

  • Promotion of the Commercial Area
  • Commercial and marketing training
  • Implementation of Online Marketing and Sales tool

Frequent questions

How long is the project?

The estimated duration is 12 weeks (3 months approximately)

What happens after the project ends?

In this case you have 2 options: either continue with us with a maintenance contract or do it with own resources of the company

Do I need to have a website, a Blog and / or presence on social networks?

Not essential but recommended. In case of not having a corporate website or a blog, the case would be analyzed in a personalized way